Saturday, Sunday and Monday offers:

Holistic & deep tissue massage combo 90 minutes €70

1 hour deep tissue massage €60

1 hour holistic massage €60

45 minute Indian head massage €45





A massage treatment right in the heart of the city to provide relief from painful or tired muscles or simply to relax, unwind and soothe your body and mind.

Choose from our one hour full body holistic massage, thirty minute back, neck and shoulder deep tissue massage or ninety minute full body holistic massage including a rejuvenating face and scalp massage.

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At Downtime massage, your treatment will begin with a brief consultation to make sure massage is safe for you and to find out the reason for your visit, to ensure that the treatment is designed to meet your needs.

A variety of oils and creams are available should you have any special requirements. On your return vists, any changes will be noted to continually adapt your treatments for maximum benefit. 




If you want to book a massage or you have any other questions about our treatments, please contact me at this email address or phone:

087 171 7204


Open saturdays at Dublin Holistic Center 28 South William Street Dublin 2.

Also, check out our news on my Facebook Page.



My name is Elaine, welcome to my website and to the wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating world of holistic massage! I have trained at the Holistic College Dublin. I have also completed continued professional development courses in both deep tissue back and orthopedic neck massage. This training enables me to provide a comprehensive holistic treatment with the versatility to cater to clients individual needs.

Having always had an affinity with the caring professions, I have developed a keen interest in health promotion through my own experience of crafting a life approach where I am constantly honing my ability to manage my own stress. I have developed a style that uses my bodywork skills to address not just physical injury and limitation but create an environment where a safe therapeutic space is created.